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Business Startup/Organization

Thinking of starting your own business? DeVoe Carr, PLLC, can help you start your business from an idea all the way to monthly reporting and revenue tracking. There are so many details that need to be addressed when starting your own business, and below are just a few we can help you with:


  • Creating a business plan 

  • Marketing your idea for financing

  • Registering and researching business names

  • Entity form selection

  • Obtaining a FEIN (Federal Employment Identification Number)

  • Registering and obtaining any federal, state, and local permits (when required)

  • Acquiring licenses (when required)

  • Setting up your accounting and record-keeping system (Sales tax, insurance, payroll, etc...)

  • Running and maintaining your payroll 


DeVoe Carr can actually partner with you to be your back-end business operations, so you can keep your overhead low and focus on the growth of your company.  

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